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Next, the signal is sent to a RF Micro Devices NBB-400 GaAs MMIC Amplifier. This amplifes the new 12 GHz signal by around +10 dB, for a final output power of around +13 dBm (20 milliwatts). This is then sent to a homebrew "can" antenna made from a piece copper plumbing pipe. So, this is a bit divergent from the usual RF discussions, but I think it's germane. I believe with the proper matching, it ought to be able to use existing copper wiring (even a single conductor) to improve the signal transport of a wifi signal from one location to another, through obstacles that Wifi normally wouldn't tolerate.

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Testing and review of the TSG-17 RF Signal Generator. The cheap Chinese one on Ebay used to align AM radios for beginners. ... HOMEBREW. Finally got into HF with a ...

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Apr 12, 2001 · Signal Tracer and Injector: Test: Sep 13, 2006-1: TDS/PPM Meter for measuring of the amount of salts in a solution: Test: Mar 29, 2009: 1: Homebrew signal generator tunable from 3 to 30 Mhz: Test: Oct 08, 2009: 1: Precision Frequency Marker: Test : 1: Simple Inductance Meter: Test : 0: VCR Tuner Based RF Spectrum Analyzer Schematic: Test: Sep ...

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Jun 17, 2020 · A good-quality RF signal generator covering 400 kHz to 500 MHz, with a built-in attenuator. An FM communications service monitor. An RF spectrum analyser with an upper frequency limit of at least 100 MHz (for HF) or 1 GHz (for HF/VHF/UHF and up), with a minimum resolution bandwidth of 100 Hz.

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"The NE602 is usually thought to be a receiver or frequency convertor, but it can also be used as an oscillator or signal generator. Normally, the LO signal and the RF signal are suppressed in the output. Figure 10 shows a generic circuit that will allow the LO signal to appear at the output (no RF or IF signal appears). In this circuit, one RF ...