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Most ignition coils as of today are way smaller, since these are driven through your car's electronic ignition system. My approach how to drive these two (came from a SKODA 120) was in anti-parallel through a mains sine-wave chopper, like a light dimmer, similar to my triac phase regulator circuit.

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Arduino High Voltage Driver. Arduino is a 5V device therefore it cannot directly drive or control devices that uses more than 5V with arduino.Free 4-day shipping with Tmart Express. Buy 10pcs Ignition Coils for 1997-2011 FORD 1998-2010 LINCOLN 1998-2011 MERCURY DG508 C1454 at

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Unclip the retaining pin with either you hand or a screwdriver and lift the ignition switch and lock cylinder from the steering column. Disconnect the ignition switch from the lock cylinder by unclipping the tab. Attach a new lock cylinder to the ignition switch and lock it in place with the locking tabs. My goal with this project is to build a very simple ignition coil circuit for generating a spark across a 1 mm gap to ignite butane like from a lighter. (Trying to make a small motor out of boredom). First I'll list some parameters I want. The power source I'm planning to use is a 9V battery and the ignition coil is a very small pot core.

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I created an ignition coil driver using 12V car relay and wired relay contacts in series for oscillation, the only other component I used was a 220uf 500v cap across the ignition coil primary contacts.